Platforms we Support

We are specialized in developing and scaling cloud-enabled software services. The team is specialized in developing back-end cloud services built on top of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Heroku, AppFog, and CloudFoundry. We have already developed a significant number of tools and services that you can easily utilize in your system as well. Let us know what you need, and speed up your development / launch process.

Meet the TEam

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R&D Engineer

Nima's PhD research is on partitioning and distribution of web applications to the cloud. He has published more than 30 academic research papers, has experience working for Microsoft Azure (2011) and IBM Research's SmartCloud (2013) and has been involved in organizing cloud computing conferences and symposiums in North America.


Rahul Jiresal

Back-end Engineer

Rahul is a computer science graduate from the University of British Columbia (UBC). He has authored several research papers on software development and developer behaviour analysis published in prestigious academic conferences. Rahul has three years of experience working at TCS Innovation Labs (TRDDC) and has been teaching cloud-enabled back-end development at UBC.


Deepak Azad

Services / Front-end Engineer

Deepak's masters research is on using machine learning and data mining to solve software engineering problems. He has five years of experience working at IBM, has been a committer on the Eclipse Java Development Tools open source project and a frequent speaker at Eclipse conferences. He especially enjoys creating beautiful user interfaces.


Matt Gu

Product Owner

Matt provides necessary support for customer discovery and customer development. Having deeply immersed himself with the startup scene at Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, he brings on a unique set of skills for business research and development. He is also a growth hacker with experiences in creating, testing and monetizing web-centric businesses.